A Prayer for Vocations Sunday

At the time that several different churches including the Scottish Episcopal Church marks Vocation Sunday, Changing Attitude Scotland offers this prayer for those denied a vocation in our church and across the world because of their sexuality.

Eternal God,
we pray for your church to thrive
though the imagination and vision of those whom you call to leadership roles.
We give thanks for the gifts and skills of all your people.
Hear us as we pray in solidarity with all
whose vocation has been denied because of their sexuality.
For candidates, partners, friends and their congregations.
Lord in your mercy
Hear our prayer.

Changing Attitude Scotland believes that the fastest way to increase the number of candidates for ministry in Scotland would be for the College of Bishops to revise their guidelines this year to allow those selected for ministry whose vocations have been put on hold because of being in a same-sex marriage to be able to begin training for ministry in the Scottish Episcopal Institute in autumn 2016. We also believe it is a matter of justice that those clergy who have been told by our bishops that they risk losing their vocation, livelihood and home if they get married to their partners should be able to marry freely according to the law of the land.