Changing Attitude Scotland Welcomes Change

Changing Attitude Scotland warmly welcomes the changes made at the Scottish Episcopal Church General Synod on 8 June 2017 which will allow clergy who chose to do so, to marry same-sex couples in church, just as they can for couples who do not share the same gender.

The proposals to allow clergy and others involved in weddings to be able to be involved in any wedding ceremony or not according to their conscience represent the only resolution that is possible for Anglican Churches which may be experiencing division over this issue. Those who have been involved in working for change in the Scottish Episcopal Church would be happy to offer advice and encouragement to those facing similar campaigns in other parts of the Anglican world.

The Scottish Episcopal Church can now get on with its core task of proclaiming to Scotland and the world beyond that all people are utterly loved by God.

Later this year, after the first weddings of same-sex couples have taken place in Scottish Episcopal Churches, Changing Attitude Scotland will come to an end having achieved its core aims in Scotland. Other current and new organisations and campaigns will be better placed to continue the struggle for equality within the Anglican Communion and within Scottish society, in which so much has already been achieved.

Changing Attitude Scotland thanks all General Synod members for the considerable time, good grace and humour with which these matters have been debated and now resolved.