College of Bishops Response to Anglican Primates’ Letter of February 2009

The College of Bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church have issued a response. to the Anglican Primates’ Letter Deeper Communion; Gracious Restraint of February 2009.

new ning

Changing Attitude Scotland has started a ning group.

Membership is by invitation only, to enable a safe space for conversation.  If you would like to join, please .

Edinburgh Gathering

We have had a request for a group meeting in Edinburgh. If you are interested in meeting up with LGBT Piskies and their friends, please .

Primus proposes new kind of Anglican Covenant

The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Most Rev Idris Jones has called for a new kind of covenant for the Anglican Communion. Speaking at an Inclusive Church event in Manchester on 29 September 2007, he said:

Actually I can suggest the wording of a Covenant like this – “As sisters and brothers in Christ we pledge ourselves to remain together in spite of any differences that arise.” We really do not need anything more structured in order to facilitate what began and remains in essence a relational experience.